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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gokulashtami and Rava ladoos....

I love celebrating Janmashtami for two reasons- Making small footprints of lord and festive dishes... (Just kidding, Krishna! Of course for you). This time around I did something different from the usual varieties. The usual salty snack (Uppu cheedai) and rava laddu is on the menu for the lord. So, if you really want a sweet dish that doesn't consume much time and is super tasty, here is a treat-

Rava laddu


1 cup rava (Indian semolina/suji)
1 cup sugar
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
handful broken cashewnuts
Ghee (clarified butter)

Initial Preparation-

Generally, you use super fine rava for this dish. I couldn't find the super fine one in the market and here is what I did- I gave it a spin in my mixer to break it down and make it super fine. Similarly, the sugar has to be powdered (don't use crystal sugar- if you only have crystal sugar, give it a spin in your mixer/blender and make it to a powder).

How did I do it?

Roast rava in a pan with a bit of ghee till it is well roasted- keep the gas on low flame and do not burn rava/suji. Once done, keep it aside. In a small pan heat some ghee and fry cashew nuts till golden brown and keep it aside (you can include raisins as well). In a bowl, mix roasted rava, fried cashew nuts, cardamom powder and powdered sugar. I used warm ghee to blend the mixture well and make medium sized balls out of them. You need to add the ghee slowly - don't dump too much otherwise it will be difficult to make the balls. You can add warm milk instead of ghee as well. Enjoy!

Sending the entry to FSF - Janmashtami hosted by Show and Tell.


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