Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gokulashtami and Rava ladoos....

I love celebrating Janmashtami for two reasons- Making small footprints of lord and festive dishes... (Just kidding, Krishna! Of course for you). This time around I did something different from the usual varieties. The usual salty snack (Uppu cheedai) and rava laddu is on the menu for the lord. So, if you really want a sweet dish that doesn't consume much time and is super tasty, here is a treat-

Rava laddu


1 cup rava (Indian semolina/suji)
1 cup sugar
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
handful broken cashewnuts
Ghee (clarified butter)

Initial Preparation-

Generally, you use super fine rava for this dish. I couldn't find the super fine one in the market and here is what I did- I gave it a spin in my mixer to break it down and make it super fine. Similarly, the sugar has to be powdered (don't use crystal sugar- if you only have crystal sugar, give it a spin in your mixer/blender and make it to a powder).

How did I do it?

Roast rava in a pan with a bit of ghee till it is well roasted- keep the gas on low flame and do not burn rava/suji. Once done, keep it aside. In a small pan heat some ghee and fry cashew nuts till golden brown and keep it aside (you can include raisins as well). In a bowl, mix roasted rava, fried cashew nuts, cardamom powder and powdered sugar. I used warm ghee to blend the mixture well and make medium sized balls out of them. You need to add the ghee slowly - don't dump too much otherwise it will be difficult to make the balls. You can add warm milk instead of ghee as well. Enjoy!

Sending the entry to FSF - Janmashtami hosted by Show and Tell.


  1. lovely ladoos.. looks perfectly done..

  2. Excellent looking ladoos. Delicious offerings to the Lord.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. Gorgeous looking laddoos, Janmashtami wishes to u and ur family.

  4. suchi the laddus look perfect and must have tasted swell gal !

  5. hi! The laddus are nice and in good shape! Ur really rocking. MOM

  6. lovely ladoos.. looks perfectly done..

  7. Perfectly shaped ladoos, looks delicious.

  8. My mom loves this ladoo a lot suchi..superly made and perfect

  9. Super good laddo in rava...Hope u enjoyed the krishna jayanthi

  10. Perfect round laddos ~ they look so festive!
    US Masala

  11. perfectt and inviting laddooes
    hi is there any bloggers meet in hydrabad .i think here are many bloggers so if we fix any meet?i am in hydrabad in these days.

  12. Perfect and yummy have a lovely space glad to follow you



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