Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tofu n corn stuffed roti

Cooking is therapeutic...After a long day at the office, you just need to unwind- I pity people, who think cooking is a waste of time. My kitchen is my world and I simply love trying out new combinations just for the fun of it. One such combination is the tofu and sweet corn stuffed parantha/roti (Indian flat bread). Got to admit, I loved this combo and if you are looking for something different, then this is worth a shot!

What do we need? 

For stuffing-

  • crumbled tofu (1 cup)
  • 1/2 cup canned sweet corn
  • salt
  • garam masala (1/2 tsp)
  • chilli powder (1/4 tsp)
  • oil for mixing
  • chopped corriander leaves
  • chopped green chillies (optional)
For base/making rotis-
  • wheat flour 
  • water
  • salt 
How did I put together?

In a bowl, mix wheat flour, water and salt. Knead it to a smooth dough and keep it aside. Use oil to make the dough silky and smooth. Combine all the ingredients listed above for filling. Just ensure that the filling is not soggy or too greasy otherwise it becomes difficult when you make the rotis. Take a small ball of dough and flatten it with a rolling pin. Place around 2 spoons of filling in the middle. Fold the sides with the filling in middle so that it appears as a small pouch. Flatten this pouch to a round shape- 

Need visual description?

In a pan, fry the paranthas till golden brown on both sides. Serve hot with pickle/sauce.


  1. wow..this is interesting. Tofu-stuffed Roti. I'd love this!!!!!! gotta try to make it :) Thanks!

  2. suchu looks lovely and tofu instead of paneer/cottage cheese sounds healthy too !!!

  3. Hi,

    Great description suchitra!!!

    lovely clicks too!!!



  4. I love your descriptions as to how you put your dishes together. Very detailed. I feel like I could make this myself. Wonderful!

  5. Hi! ur descriptions and ur lovely photoes very amazing! Keep it up! Momcy

  6. I completely agree with you, when I have a stressful day at work I just want to come home and bake something! Is that weird that I didn't know what a roti was? It looks good though, so thanks for the recipe!

  7. Glad to be able to read your blog! I've haven't tackled Indian cuisine yet, but these dishes seem really easy for a first attempt! Thanks for sharing!



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