Tuesday, June 8, 2010

spicy powder....


I love the spicy powder with my Idli/dosa- For those who wonder what exactly is this powder, here are the full details- Spicy powder or gun powder (nick name) is a powder made of lentils and dried red chillies- Mix it with oil and it can be used as a sauce with south Indian dishes like dosa and idli. I tend to add this powder when making vegetable stir fry as it adds special flavor with appropriate spice! All you need is two kind of lentils- Channa dal (also called as split chick peas without seed coat) and white urad dal (white lentils). We need one cup each of the above lentils dry roasted till golden brown. Now comes the spice- dry red chillies. I use 5 big ones- If you need the powder to be really spicy add more and vice versa for less spice. Dry roast these red chillies and set aside. In addition to the above ingredients, dry roast 50 to 70 grams of sesame seeds. Grind all the dry roasted items to a fine powder and viola you have the spicy powder! Check out my spicy idli's- This powder sure adds a special spicy kick :) - 

Check out this version from one of the blogs I follow- http://eq-myblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/molaga-podi-or-red-chilli-powder-is.html

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