Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vegetable dumpling...

I loved going to a small market in Alaknanda, Delhi which was famous for its road side food! I used to wait for this vendor on a cycle who would come every evening after 5 or 6 pm with a box of hot vegetable dumplings. Those were the best I have ever eaten. Tired of cooking Indian food, I tried my hands with the vegetable dumplings- turned out pretty good! simple and healthy food for lunch-

2 cups of all purpose flour.
small cabbage shredded
2 onions chopped
1 tablespoon of grated ginger or ginger paste
1 tablespoon of crushed and chopped garlic/garlic paste
 crumpled Tofu or paneer (1 cup)
 red chillies (3-4) or chili flakes


Dough- Prepare a smooth dough with the flour , salt and water. Put the dough in a air tight container and keep it aside till you make the filling.
Filling- In a frying pan- saute onions, garlic, ginger and once they become translucent, mix the cabbage- People generally mix some soya sauce to this vegetable stir fry. I am not such a huge fan of soya sauce and omitted it - You can add more vegetables like boiled potatoes or shredded carrots (you can be really creative with your filling). Add the chopped chillies, salt and keep stirring the vegetables till they are tender and cooked. Roll out the dough in a circle and place about a spoon of filling in middle. Close this dough with the filling in middle so that it resembles a small pouch- You can be really creative with the shapes-


Prepare all the dumplings and steam them for about 10-15 minutes till they are swollen- Serve them with Garlic chilli sauce!

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