Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blend that Spinach...

Spinach with corns- This is my take on a north Indian recipe and pretty easy to make- The main ingredients required are spinach & corn- For the gravy you need 2 onions (finely chopped), garlic (3-4 cloves-crushed and chopped), grated ginger (about a small tablespoon), medium sized tomatoe (finely chopped)- the spices that go in are- cumin seeds, bay leaves, garam masala, a dash of cardamom powder, corriander powder, chopped green chillies and of course my favorite chopped corriander leaves!                        

Preparation is simple- We need to wash the spinach leaves, and boil them a bit in water till they become soft- once they are soft blend them in a mixer to a paste and keep it aside (take about 500 gms of spinach)- Now get the gravy ready- In a wok, toss in the oil (liberal dose), and once it becomes hot add the cumin seeds, garlic, ginger and bay leaves- I know a lot of people tend to add the garlic and ginger later- but I tend to put in early when the oil is hot as the oil takes in the flavor of garlic and bay leaves! When the garlic is golden brown add the chopped onions, green chillies and roast them till they are golden brown. Toss in the chopped tomatoes and keep mixing the ingredients till the tomatoes blend with onions and becomes a paste. Now comes the spices- Put in the garam masala and corriander powder- (about a big tablespoon each), dash of cardamom powder. Cook the ingredients till the masala gets blended and the mixture starts to become a thick consistency of a gravy. Add salt according to taste. Now put in the corns (tinned sweet corn that you get in the local market) and the blended spinach- Cook the mixture till spinach loses its raw taste and takes in the spices. Before removing it from fire, add a big spoon of butter and chopped corriander to enjoy the dish! If need be you can put in additional masalas (like curry powder or aamchur) but I love the simple flavor of garam masala and tend to keep this dish simple- Enjoy this with piping hot parantha...Yummy :)

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