Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rice cakes anyone?

Pretty easy to make and has a simple taste- I love it ! The passion that drives me to cook kind of goes bust when it comes to cleaning up the kitchen. So here I am cleaning one night and in my irritating state I forget to keep the yoghurt in the fridge- The next day it goes all sour and I am not such a fan of sour yoghurt/curd. My mom who has a solution for everything (bit of Dumbledore she is...) quickly comments why not make rice cakes with it- and here is a simple recipe for sour yoghurt- Enjoy!

Ingredients- One cup of fine rice powder, sour yoghurt one big cup (dilute it in a bit of water, should not be thick yoghurt), 4 dry red chillies, cashew nut, Chana dal (split chickpea without coat), mustard.

Preparation-Prepare a liquid mixture of rice powder with sour yoghurt and set aside. In a wok add 3 spoons of cooking oil. Once the oil becomes warm add mustard, Chana dal and 4 pieces of dried red chillies. Allow the mustard to sputter and fry the red chillies to golden brown. Add in the cashews and turn the flame to medium. Pour the rice liquid in the wok slowly and keep stirring it continuously to avoid any lumps. Add salt according to your taste. Keep stirring continuously till the mixture becomes a dough and doesn't stick to the wok. Add two spoons of sesame oil and confirm that the mixture is fully cooked (if you taste the dough it should not stick to your mouth). Once cooked, put the dough in greased plate and allow it cool down. Once the dough sets cut it with a knife and make it to small pieces. Serve it with hot chutney or pickle- To make it more spicy, I usually add spicy powder which I mentioned in my previous blog when the dough is cooking in the Wok. You can also add ghee or butter once the dough is cooked to give it a rich taste.

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