Monday, June 21, 2010

Pyaz dhaniya wala parantha

Parantha or stuffed roti is a great delicacy and you can make so many interesting varieties out of it- I have seen my friend stuffing bizarre things/left overs and let me tell you there is no hard and fast rule for making paranthas! I once made a noodles parantha- stuffed some left over maggi noodles and it came out really well- here is a simple one with basic ingredients and tastes divine with pickle and yoghurt. The most common parantha everyone makes is with boiled potatoes. However, if you fancy something quick and different try out this Pyaz dhania parantha-

Ingredients for the stuffing- Two big oninons (finely chopped), Corriander leaves (finely chopped), green chillies (finely chopped), garam masala, chilli flakes (optional), salt and oil to mix(optional)- 


The stuffing is pretty simple- Mix the chopped onions, green chillies, corriander leaves, garam masala, salt and chilli flakes in a bowl (add a bit of oil to mix it- entirely optional). Before you get the filling ready, prepare the dough (wheat powder/atta). Mix wheat powder in water and knead it to a smooth dough. Take a small ball of wheat dough and flatten it with a rolling pin- take a sizable amount of the filling and place it in the middle of the flattened dough. Fold the sides with the filling in middle so that it appears as a small pouch- now flatten this small pouch with the rolling pin (use a bit of wheat powder on the surface before you roll so that it doesn't stick).


Now put it on a hot frying pan and fry both sides till golden brown- Use butter/ghee for frying paranthas as this lends an inherent taste to the dish- Now top it with pickle/sauce to enjoy a fine evening by the television!


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