Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pasta Stir fry!

Yeah, it happened one saturday afternoon...I was super hungry and did not like any items in my kitchen closet. My mood was all for some fusion cooking- something different- unfortunately, I did not have much to choose from and did not enjoy stepping out for buying any ingredients- I bet it must have happened to a lot of people out there- you feel hungry for something good and find out that you have nothing to proceed with. The best I had was a packet of penne, bottle of olives, peas, a box of tinned sweet corn and dried tomatoes in vinegar- bizarre items! Well check out the pic and I turned those items into something edible and enjoyable- How? Simple- Boil the pasta and set aside- In a wok pour some olive oil (darn, you can use any cooking oil) toss in the olives, peas, corn and any vegetables that you fancy- add salt, garlic powder, chilli flakes (to give it some heat)- toss in the pasta and mix'em up! A quick fix for those days of nothing in your kitchen cabinet...Sprinkle some cheese (optional) to get a unique hunger satisfying experience :)

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